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Stationary Locations

Book any of our stationary locations instantly and start adding mobile fitness Pop-ups to your service offerings!

Inside each of our boxes is the most commonly utilized fitness gear for "Small Group" style formats. 

We have simplified and modified the gear needed and made it accessible to fitness studios, trainers, instructors so that they can create more unforgettable fitness experiences for their clients! 

Check out our Free Mobile Fitness Certification to learn more about the gear and how to set up our anchoring system!

Fitness Pop-Ups/Retreats

Add some variety to your fitness classes by varying the location, views, and overall experience for your clients by hosting retreats and fitness pop-ups!

Free Mobile Fitness Certification

Connect with us for a Free Mobile Fitness Workshop to learn about each of the pieces of fitness gear and how to safely set up gear for your next Pop-Up event!